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How to Choose a Postpartum Doula

If you have decided to hire a postpartum doula, how do you know how to find one that is the right fit for you and your family? What questions should you ask? How much support do you think you will need?

Here are some helpful questions to ask when you are interviewing postpartum doulas:

1) Describe what a postpartum doula does? Ask your prospective doula to give you an explaination of her role first, so you know immediately if you are on the same page.

2) What is your philosophy on your role as a postpartum doula? This very important, you want to make sure that the prospective doula will meet your needs and provide the type of support you are looking for. It is a good idea to think of what type of support you want before you interview doulas.

3) Why did your choose to be a postpartum doula? This is a great question to get a little insight on the doula and a little history about how she decided to become a portpartum doula.

4) Do you have children? While it is not a job requirement, it may be important to you to know that your postpartum doula has experienced postpartum.

5) If you have some anxiety around lactation, basic baby care, or your recovery, express this to the doula and ask her how she can educate you and relieve some anxiety? A large part of what a postpartum doula does is education. Everyone learns differently, make sure your doula meets your learning needs and you "click" with communication.

6) What are your job limitations? If you want your doula to drive you or do certain chores around the house, these may be things she would not be comfortable doing, so it is important to know this before you hire her.

7) How long is a typical shift, and is there a minimum number hours for a shift? It is important to think about if you want 4 hour, 8 hour, or longer shifts.

8) Do you offer overnight support and what does that look like in terms of hours and rate? Overnights are great way to recouperate for you and your partner. A good night sleep can make a big difference in your overall emotional and physical well being.

9) What does your packaging and pricing look like? Many doulas have a minimum hour on packages. If you think you want 20 hours of support and they require a minimum of 40 hours this would be something to take into consideration.

10) What do you love most about your job? While it is important to know about packaging and pricing, getting some personal history and information on your postpartum doula is important. A postpartum doula is an intimate role and you want to be very comfortable with whoever you hire.

You can also ask for a list of references specifically previous clients, and check the Facebook page for ratings and comments. Good luck in your search for the best postpartum doula for you and your family!

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