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Birth Doula: Why Do I Need One?

Often people wonder if they need a doula or why they should want one. Maybe their friend had a doula or they heard the term in a yoga class but still are unsure if a doula is the right choice for them.

Here's a few reasons why a birth doula is a great option for many families!

1. Most doctors and midwives work within a practice therefore you do not always know which doctor or midwife will attend your birth. Even if it is "your" provider they likely will not be with you much of the big event (meaning labor and the start of pushing)! A doula is consistent support with you throughout the process of labor. Your doula will join you at whatever point you want the support.

2. You likely will not know your nurse. This person will do majority of your hands on medical care. Most nurses work 12 hour shifts and most laboring women meet at least two nurses. Don't worry, its not because labor is usually 24 hours but rather because most labor isn't a schedule 7-7 shift! Your doula will be consistently with you throughout the process and you have an established relationship with your doula for increased comfort.

3. Your doula is nonjudgmental. Maybe you want an epidural or maybe you want unmedicated or maybe you just don't know and want to make a game time decision. Your doula will support whatever decision you make each step of the way! It is your body, your baby, your birth, you decide what you need and when!

4. Your doula helps you know what you don't know. Prenatally your doula will provide resources and options for your birth. If you don't make decisions then someone will make them for you! Obtaining unbiased, factual information will help you make the best decision for your birth, your baby, and your body!

5. Your doula is also there for your birth partner. Your doula remains by your side allowing your partner to feel comfortable stepping out to get some food or take a nap. Your doula is there for your family!

The Bosom Buddy team prides itself on serving families and births of all types with nonjudgmental support. If you are looking for a doula for your birth team let's chat and see if our team is right for you!

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