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We recently connected with Brittany Anderson, former client and women's health expert here in Nashville, to chat about her new endeavor as the BIRTHFIT Nashville Regional Director.

BB: tell us who you are and what you do

BA: Well I'm Brittany and I'm a women's health nurse practitioner, doula, and pre and post natal exercise specialist here in town. I have a 16 month old son, Nash, and another baby boy on the way. I love supporting women from preconception through postpartum, and am particularly passionate about fitness.

BB: what is your fitness philosophy?

BA: I believe that exercise should focus on functional movements, meaning those that we use in everyday life. For example, squatting to lift a heavy object or even your kiddos, or pulling yourself out of a swimming pool. This is one reason why I was drawn to crossFit, because we train functional movements.

BB: how did you get involved with Birthfit?

BA: I was really active with my last pregnancy, and was doing strength training up until about 38 weeks, but afterwards it was difficult for me to get back in my routine. I struggled with sciatic pain because I didn't know how to properly rehabilitate my core, and that caused a lot of issues for me. Despite all my education, there is just so much conflicting information out there and the systems I was using weren't working.

I stumbled upon BIRTHFIT on Instagram and immediately connected with the philosophy. It wasn't long before I was interviewing to join the team.

BB: do what is BIRTHFIT?

BA: BIRTHFIT is based on 4 pillars:





In regards to core strength, we utilize dynamic neuromuscular stabilization, meaning we focus on coordinating movements with breath and utilizing the diaphragm to bring stability to the core.

BB: are Birthfit's methods appropriate for all women?

BA: absolutely! Depending on the circumstances of their birth, some women can participate in the postpartum series at 4 weeks postpartum.

It's estimated that up to 70% of women will experience pelvic floor dysfunction in their lifetime and our methods help create stability in the core and pelvic floor so those muscles function appropriately.

BB: what are your current offerings?

BA: I currently coach a Tuesday/Thursday class at CrossFIt Cool Springs that's appropriate for both prenatal and postpartum moms. It's structured like a CrossFit workout, with a major emphasis on breathing and mobility. It's totally appropriate for all fitness levels because the movements are adapted to the athlete.

I also offer the BIRTHFIT postpartum series about every other month. In June I'll be teaching it at both Blooma Nashville and Crossfit Cool Springs.

BB: how can women connect with you?

BA: I'm really active on social media, especially Instagram @birthfitnashville and my website is

Also, since I love you guys so much, I'm offering Your clients 20% off the upcoming postpartum series at the cool springs location! Use the link below and specify you're a Bosom Buddy client in the 'birth' section.

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