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New Baby? Need Sleep? Help is only a phone call away!

At least 25 people told you in your last trimester to "sleep now because you won't for the next 18 years". If you are anything me you might have secretly rolled your eyes by the fourteenth time you heard that. Then your baby arrived and you realized sleep is in fact a distant memory. It doesn't have to be! You can get sleep and know your baby is safe and being taken care of in your home.

Our postpartum doulas provide overnight care in your home for your baby. This allows you to sleep all night while your doula tends to your baby's needs of diaper changes, feeds, swaddles, and night awake time.

How feedings work: If you are bottle feeding formula there is no need to wake during the night. If you are breastfeeding and/or pumping your doula will either bring your baby to you to nurse or give your baby a bottle of pumped milk. You can wake up for a quick pump session then go right back to sleep. Many parents also combo feed their baby meaning sometimes the baby has breastmilk and other times the baby has formula. This can work well for night feedings too.

Our team provides overnights of eight hours or longer. We arrive at bedtime and leave in when it is time to start your day. Many times if you have other children they never even see or hear us therefore no change in their comfort or regular routine. Shifts can be scheduled every night or for the occasional need for extra sleep night. Give us a call (615) 812.7856 if you want to discuss getting more sleep!

"At first I wasn't sure if I would be able to sleep while you were here with my new baby but that wasn't the case. I immediately went to sleep and did not wake until morning. I knew she was safe and taken care of. Why didn't I do this with my first baby?"

-Words from a recent client after the first overnight shift

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