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Hot Cocoa Party Bar! DIY with printable!

So many parties, so little time. When it comes to hosting a party, children or adults, the magic is in the details. Majority of the time I find myself scrambling a few days before to come up with something fun and unique. This year I hosted two parties for my 6 year old daughter. She has a Girl Tribe group from her old school and is working on building another within her new school. I want her to establish strong friendships with other women so they can build each other up, know its perfectly perfect to be different, and understand that other women are not their competition in life but rather people they can look to for advice, fun, and honesty. Yes, they are only 6 and 7 year olds but that understanding has to start somewhere!

The parties were a blast. They had sprinkles, oh so many sprinkles, and a hot cocoa bar. The girls decorated sugar cookies and played mixologist with their cocoa. Needless to say there was plenty of energy to go around!

If you want to plan a hot cocoa bar to add to your next party, hopefully this will make it a little easier! I ordered cups with lids from Amazon, hit up the local Dollar Tree and Publix, and printed fun labels. An hour or two of work for hours of enjoyment!

What you need:

1 case of 8 oz mason jars

Cups (ideally with lids!)

Hot Cocoa

Coffee/Hot Beverage Dispenser (optional but so handy. This one is great!)

Mini Marshmallows

Jumbo Marshmallows

Peppermint Sticks

Crushed Andies Mints

Mini Chocolate Chips

White Chocolate Chips

Wafer Straws

Can of Spray Whipped Cream

Small spoons or Wooden Stirs

Click here to print the labels for your mason jars! I use Avery 5263 labels but any 2 x 4 mailing label should work. I left one blank so you can write any additional add-ins on it. I also did not use the whipped cream label because I had an adorable Santa sweater for a wine bottle that fit perfectly on the whipped cream can!

I made all the hot cocoa ahead of time and put it in the dispenser. The girls loved filling their own cup and making their creation. If you want to get really festive you can dip the small spoons in chocolate ahead of time and let them dry. It is a really fun addition to the bar!

Perfect for baby showers, children's parties, class parties at school, or even a family movie night when it's cold! Drink up and enjoy!

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