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Product Review: Oogie Bear

Recently at a client's home I learned of the Oogie Bear. Why did I not think of this? We have all been there- your baby has teeny tiny nostrils and a visible boogie. It doesn't seem to bother them but getting it out would make your day! Of course they are sleeping and you cannot wake them because you just spent 30 minutes begging them to sleep. Oddly this has been a conversation between myself and friends and myself and clients more than once. I have heard everything from pinching the nose to work it down to using the baby's own tiny finger to pick it out! What's a parent to do to get that bothersome boogie?

Enter the Oogie Bear! This fantastic plastic device is designed exactly for the purpose of removing those annoying boogies. It allows the user to swiftly and efficiently, without disturbing the baby, retrieve the boogie. It is also designed to keep the user from inserting the tool too far into the nose, thus preventing accidents. The retrieval end is a soft rubber durable enough for multi use and quick retrieval. Using the Oogie Bear is cleaner and safer than most of the other options I have heard parents try! No more annoying boogie problems!

Oogie Bear

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You can find the Oogie Bear on Amazon, at Target or Buy Buy Baby! The Oogie Bear is usually around $10 so quite economical too! Learn more on the Oogie Bear here and add this must have item on your registry or into your Amazon cart!

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