June 1, 2017

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August 22, 2016

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Meet Doula Team A: Allie & Amanda

January 30, 2018



Meet Team A:  Allie and Amanda are birth and postpartum doula partners.  They provide clients with calm, supportive, and nonjudgmental care for home, birth center, and hospital births.


What is your favorite part about supporting clients?


Allie: "Being able to be a part of all the joy and wonder of new life.  It will never get old!"


Amanda: "I love getting to witness people becoming parents.  It's one of the most amazing things.  Every time it is different and every time is equally magical."


What called you to birth work?


Allie: "Experiencing the power of support people during my own births.  The way my birth team served me ministered to me in a huge way.  I felt to loved and at peace.  I wanted to be able to extend that same love and support to other families during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum."


Amanda: "After experiencing two hospital births with very little support for myself and my husband I knew I wanted a different experience for my subsequent births.  After my home birth with my third child Meara Mae I felt so supported by my midwife, doula, and friends I instantly knew I wanted to do that for other women."


Best self Care Tip?


Allie: "Learning the discipline of stillness, getting away from the noise of life.  Whether it means getting out in the woods on a hike or finding a quiet spot in my house, it is always important to recharge."


Amanda: "Take the time, make the time and cherish the time you take for yourself.  Everyone needs to recharge.  Everyone should have something they do regularly that makes them happy."


Favorite Dessert?


Allie: "Salted Dark Chocolate!"


Amanda: "Homemade pastries!  Especially the German pastries my Grandma and Great Grandma used to make."



A recent client stated


"My wife and I used Bosom Buddy, LLC for their Doula services. Amanda and Allie were great, knowledgeable and responsive. As a dad, I do not know what I would have done without Amanda Dier in the delivery room. If you have never been in a labor and delivery room before, it is an intimidating experience. Hiring a doula makes an unfamiliar process a lot easier to navigate. Thanks to the crew and Bosom Buddy!"


Contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation for Team A to be on your A Team!   


Email Allie or Amanda





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