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Baby Safety Month: Babywearing

Babywearing is a great option for babies of ANY age. One day old, 6 months old, or 3 years old.

There are so many types of carriers to choose from - ring slings, stretchy wraps, woven wraps, and soft structured carriers (also known as buckles.) When done correctly, babywearing allows you to be hands free while still providing comforting snuggles. Studies have proven that wearing your baby helps reduce fussiness and reflux and helps babies learn to regulate their temperature and breathing.

In honor of Baby Safety Month, here are the key safety points that need to be followed when wearing a baby:

1. Baby needs to be high and kissable.

2. Airways should be clear with mouth and nose uncovered and in sight.

3. Make sure baby’s chin is not resting on her chest.

4. Support the head. Just as you would while holding, baby's head needs support. The way to achieve this varies based on what type of carrier you are using, but should never be overlooked.

5. Pay attention to the temperature of yourself, baby and your environment. Babes tend to warm quickly while pressed against you. Add a jacket or layers after getting in the carrier. If you sense baby getting too warm, take the child out right away.

6. Babywearing is not for biking, driving or anything potentially harmful. Hiking is okay as long as you feel stable on the trail.

7. It's a great option for when you need two hands to cook - just be mindful of hot oil, water and food splattering!

Many cities (including middle Tennessee) have an active Babywearing International Chapter. These are run by trained and accredited babywearing educators. At monthly meetings - free even if you are NOT a member - you can ask any question, get fitted in your carrier, or try on any of the 'lending library' carriers. Our local chapter has HUNDREDS to try on!

If you join for $30/year, you are able to 'checkout' a different wrap or carrier each month!!

Our bodies are all different. Just like jeans and bras, you need to try them on to ensure a comfy fit!

Before you spend tons of money on one, go to a local meeting and see what fits you best.

Interested in joining the Middle TN chapter? Check them out on Facebook:

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