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Perfect Pregnancy Foods- Fruit Edition

First we explored ideal vegetables for pregnancy, now we are looking at beautiful fruits to maximize nutrition during pregnancy. Eating a healthy and balanced diet is important for all of life but throughout pregnancy many women pay extra attention to nutritional intake. We have highlighted 10 favorites fruits to help power pack your intake. Explore different ways to cook and consume fruits. Grilled, for example, is a great option for a change.

If you missed part 1 of Perfect Pregnancy Foods: Veggie Edition, check it out here.

Pineapple: raw, grilled

  • Contains digestive actions which can help with relieving constipation and heartburn

  • Contains Vitamin C and manganese which many believe allow for the pregnancy hormones to rise and eventually induce labor. In many cultures pineapple is not allowed to be eaten during pregnancy except in the final trimester.

  • Contains properties to help steady blood sugar

Cherries: Raw or in pie!

  • Contains Antioxidants

  • Contains Vitamin C which helps growth and repair of tissues. It also helps heal wounds and is needed for bone strength.

  • Have an anti-inflammatory action which can help prevent pre-eclampsia and skin problems

  • Cherries can also help with sluggish bowels


  • Contains Vitamins C, B3, B5, and A

  • Can naturally help keep pH levels on track

  • If you are on medications, discuss grapefruit consumption with your HCP due to grapefruit containing naringin which can affect the way medications are metabolized


  • Contains Folate which helps prevent neural tube defects and defects of the spinal cord

  • Contains Vitamin C which enables absorption of iron needed to produce new red blood cells

  • Contains Proanthocysnidin which works with Vitamin C to help prevent symptoms of poor circulation which can lessen nosebleeds and potentially hemorrhoids.

Dried Figs

  • A healthy energy source

  • Contains high levels of potassium

  • Be careful eating too many as dried fruit can cause diarrhea


  • Contains Fiber to promote digestive health

  • Apples naturally regulate blood sugar which helps prevent nausea and reduce cravings

  • Contains Antioxidants for immunity support and circulation


  • Contains Vitamin C which helps growth and repair of tissues. It also helps heal wounds and is needed for bone strength.

  • Contains a high Fiber count

  • Contains Fragine which some believe helps prepare the body for labor by strengthening the smooth muscle of the uterus.

  • Contains high levels of Antioxidants


  • Contains soluble Fiber

  • Pears are considered to be hypoallergenic so are often included in diets of individuals with food sensitivities or allergies

  • Contains Vitamin C and Potassium


  • Contains many Antioxidants

  • Contains Vitamins C and A

  • Natural anti-inflammatory which can help relieve some common pregnancy symptoms

  • Contains Proanthocyanidins which help support the circulatory system.This is important due to additional blood flowing during pregnancy


  • Contains a high level of Potassium which can help with muscle cramps. Nighttime leg cramps are common during pregnancy

  • Contains Vitamin C and B6 which can help with a good mood and sleep

  • Have been known to support healthy bowel movements which can help prevent hemorrhoids

Bosom Buddy, LLC nor any of it's doulas are nutritionist or dieticians. For specific dietary concerns or questions, always check with your healthcare provider. The above information is not medical or professional nutritional advice.

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