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Find time for friends...and you!

It can be difficult to maintain close contact with friends in the first few months postpartum. Finding time to shower and eat can be a challenge so the thought of extra phone calls and friend time barely hits the radar. Once you get a grasp on life and a newborn, consider a way to add in time for you with friends. We compiled a list of some of our favorite activities to allow adult time and relaxing of the mind!

Hiking- Nashville is full of great parks and places to hike. Check out something near you or go on more of an adventure and hike to the nearby water falls at Cummins Falls in Cookeville.

Try a new restaurant- Music City is full of amazing restaurants. Pick one and give it a try. Plan for an appetizer, order a few plates to share, and a dessert. Make a night of it and order something out of the ordinary for you.

Book Club- Start or join a book club. Book clubs usually meet once a month to discuss the book, have a meal or snacks, and some clubs include wine or other adult beverages. You will need time to read the book throughout the month and usually host the group event once or twice a year depending on the number of people in your book club.

Movies- Meet with a group of friends and catch the latest comedy for some me time and laughs. Surely Melissa McCarthy or Kevin Hart has something out at any given time!

Bunko Nights- Bunko is a dice game and requires a group of people for maximum fun. Bunko groups often meet monthly or quarterly with no preparation between events. Like the book club you will usually host the group at some point. The game and the group can be loads of fun.

Exercise or Yoga Class- This is a great place to meet people or go with a friend. Exercise gets your endorphins going to provide you a natural happy and you get to burn some calories while there. Blooma Nashville is a wonderful local yoga studio. There are also many YMCA locations that offer classes all day, seven days per week.

Wine Bar- Nashville has several wine bars perfect for meeting with friends and relaxing. You can have a glass of your favorite vino or try something new. Add in a few appetizers and your night is complete.

Karaoke or Live Music- Nashville is Music City therefore you have many options for live music or creating your own live music. Broadway is full of options if you are feeling brave or take a seat at a more low key place on the outskirts of town.

Spa Day- This can be as simple and mani/pedis with the girls or a full spa day which allows you to have some alone time during a massage and time with the girls for the mani/pedi portion. Relax, build your village, and get pampered all at the same time!

Shop- Hit the Mall at Green Hills or Cool Springs Galleria for some new duds. Treat yourself to something and stay out of the kids’ clothing stores! This time is for you!

No matter what you decide to do, do something for you. All too often moms take care of the family and they are put last on the list. Take a night here and there for you. Invite your girlfriends, causing them to also take a night away. Together you can relax, catch up, and go home refreshed and ready to go home and soak up the goodness of your family.

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