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There's an App for That: Pregnancy!

Between all of the doctor appointments, mindful eating, childbirth classes, work, and maybe chasing around your other children, pregnancy is a very busy time! On top of all that, add in the questions you may have regarding your new baby and it can be hard to keep track of it all! With all of the information regarding pregnancy out there, sometimes it’s nice to have a simplified, easy to access application to refer to.

With that said, I have listed my top five pregnancy apps that you should download during your pregnancy journey!

Full Term- This app allows you to keep track of contractions in a convenient and simple way. You tap a single button to record the start and end, duration, and frequency of each contraction. There is also a feature that allows you to email the progress to anyone you may want to include!

Baby Kicks- To use this app, you select a consistent time that your baby is typically most active and record the baby’s kicks every day at that time. Select start session to begin counting the baby’s kicks and then select the Record Kick when the baby begins to kick. The app will record the date, start date, duration and times of kicks of each test.

Ovia-A comprehensive app that includes overviews of your pregnancy to-date, a week counter, illustration of baby size, and an outline of what your baby’s handprint size would be! You can record your weight, exercises, sleep records, nutrition, symptoms you are feeling, medications, etc. There is also a kick counter and contraction timer for later on in pregnancy. Included in the app are also pregnancy and parenting related articles.

Baby Pics-This app allows you to capture your weekly baby bump growth, the baby’s first kick, and milestone moments after the baby is born! All you do is take the picture, add the artwork provided in the app, add text, save, and share! The app features beautiful filters and artwork and adorable font options. You are also able to order prints directly from the app which makes it very simple and convenient.

Sprout-This app keeps track of where you and the baby are at every stage of your pregnancy. Included is a feature that allows you to journal throughout pregnancy and read tips from doctors about what you may be feeling during certain stages. A bonus feature, you can keep track of your weight and plan for doctor visits.

What are your favorite pregnancy apps?

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