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Meet Doula Jenny

Jenny is excited to be a member of the Bosom Buddy team. She has a bachelors degree in accounting from Trevecca University. Jenny is a full time doula serving both birth and postpartum clients. Bosom Buddy is proud to call Jenny part of the team!

Recently Jenny answered a few questions so everyone can get to know her.

Tell us about your family. I am one of four girls and also a twin. I'm also really close to my in-laws! My husband is 1 of 5 What brought you to Middle TN? I attended Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, where I also played soccer!

What is your favorite food? Breakfast foods & dessert!

What is your guilty pleasure? Catching up on tv shows and reading lifestyle blogs

Favorite activity? Practicing calligraphy and working out

If you have 2 extra hours of free time and no responsibilities, how do you spend it? Drinking coffee and Relaxing

Favorite book/types of books? Harry Potter is my all time favorite!

Favorite color? Gray

Why did you become a doula? I love being supportive and empowering women! I enjoy helping families raise their families with confidence!

What is your favorite movie? I love Christmas movies.. And my favorite is Christmas with the Kranks 😂 Tell us something fun/interesting about you! I won a lip syncing contest in college and the tie breaker was a dance off!

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