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Meet Doula Megan

Megan is excited to be a member of the Bosom Buddy team. Megan is originally from the Chicago area but moved to Middle TN to pursue education. She has a bachelors degree in psychology from Belmont University. Megan currently teaches yoga and barre at Blooma Yoga in Nashville and is a full time doula. Bosom Buddy is proud to call Megan part of the team!

Recently Megan answered a few questions so everyone can get to know her.

Tell us about your family I am the baby of 4 and grew up living around my extended family (most of us lived within miles of each other :)) My mom is one of 4 and my Dad is 1 of 5. I have almost 20 cousins (not including marriages and significant others) We're one huge awesome family!

What brought you to Middle TN? My husband (best friend at the time) and it was like a lightbulb went off! I fell in love with Nashville and him all at once :)

What is your favorite food? Probably anything Greek or Italian, gotta represent What is your guilty pleasure? In the words of my husband, "the worst kind of movies of human kind" or any stupid, sappy love story Favorite activity? Yoga or really anything outdoors! If you have 2 extra hours of free time and no responsibilities, how do you spend it? Most likely hanging out with Niko (husband) & Bear (dog) Favorite book/types of books? Inspirational books or love stories Favorite color? Blue Why did you become a doula? I became a doula because it is an extension of who I am. I love supporting people, especially women and their families and everything that comes along with that. Favorite movie? Love Actually Favorite quote? (just one of many) "Where there is love there is life" –Gandhi Tell us something fun/interesting about you! My nose twitches every single time I blink

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