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Coconut Oil Uses You Need to Know About

If you don’t own a jar of coconut oil, run, don’t walk to the nearest store and get some!

At our house, there is a jar in the kitchen, the nursery, and our master bath. It has so many amazing uses. Here is a list in case you don’t know what to do with your jar.

The most obvious use is cooking. Coconut oil is a healthy fat and can be used in the place of butter for seasoning veggies and meat, coating your skillet instead of using Pam spray, and in many baked goods. It does not have a strong taste so you can experiment with it.

Have a squeaky door hinge that bothers you or your sleeping baby? Rub coconut oil on the front and back of the hinges, and wipe any excess with a damp cloth. It’ll feel like a brand new house!

Many women experience brittle, dry hair postpartum due to hormonal changes. Rub coconut oil onto the ends of your hair and let it soak in over night. (Good idea to put a towel on your pillow to protect it.) Wash it out and your hair will feel healthy and won’t break off as easily. Even if you are not postpartum, this will enhance the shine and texture of your hair!

When you first start nursing, you will likely have some sore nipple action going on. Coconut oil can help heal cracked or bleeding nipples and it’s a whole lot safer and more natural than using Lanolin. Note: if you continue to have nipple pain at all after the first couple weeks, consult your favorite Bosom Buddy lactation consultant – you might need some help adjusting baby’s latch.

Sick of buying those diaper creams with all the ingredients you can’t pronounce? Then stop and start using coconut oil. I’ve found that it works best as a rash preventative or during the early stages of diaper irritation. Bonus info: corn starch works wonders on a yucky diaper rash!

Similarly, coconut oil is amazing for treating of dry skin, eczema, or mild skin rashes. Does your husband or partner get razor burn? This might be the answer!

What’s the one thing expectant mothers dread? Stretch marks. Fact is, your skin HAS to stretch and grow for baby. If you have earned some stripes from carrying a child, try massaging coconut oil into them for a good 45 seconds. The oil can help reduce the appearance of scars and helps to rejuvenate skin cell growth.

Another fun one – constipation. Ditch the yucky Metamucil. Coconut oil can help keep your digestive tract in tip-top shape. If you’re really suffering, try this recipe for ‘constipation candy’ that uses coconut oil as the base.

It's summertime, which means more shaving for most women. Try using the oil as a 'shave gel' and I promise you'll have silky soft legs! Plus, it's fairly water resistant so it won't rinse off before you can even grab the razor!

Need a little manicure but don't want to go to a salon? Coconut oil feels great when you rub it into your cuticles! I'm convinced it also helps with strong nail growth.

Comment on our Facebook post if you have any other great uses for coconut oil!

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