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Placenta Encapsulation: Is it for me?

Placenta encapsulation. Everyone seems to be doing it or talking about it but how do you decide if it is right for you? If you decide it is for you, how do you then decide who to trust with your placenta? It is the first person you find? Maybe a referral from a friend? Regardless how you find someone, it is important to ask questions. Placentas are encapsulated many different ways and you need to find what is comfortable for you.

Why encapsulate your placenta?

Placenta encapsulation has reported benefits including greater energy postpartum, less postpartum depression, greater milk supply, less postpartum bleeding, higher iron levels, and more.

How does your placenta get from your birth to your home?

Bosom Buddy will provide you with a transport kit that is specific for placenta transportation and meets all laws and regulations for organ transport. It is also simple, easy to use, and clearly marked with your name.

Where will your placenta be processed and encapsulated?

Bosom Buddy only processes your placenta in your home. This ensures that you 100%, without a doubt receive your own placenta. You are able to see the workspace it is prepared in, the cleanliness of the space, and exactly what is being done to process the placenta. Processing in your home also ensures it is not exposed to unfamiliar bacteria in another workspace.

Home birth, birth center, or hospital birth. Can a placenta be encapsulated from all types of birth?

Yes! A placenta can be encapsulated regardless of where it was born. Bosom Buddy provides you with a transport kit no matter where you plan to birth.

Are you curious about how your placenta looks and how it is encapsulated?

Bosom Buddy welcomes you to watch, ask questions, and learn more about your placenta.

What type of encapsulation method is used?

Bosom Buddy uses a traditional method of encapsulation, which is based on traditional Chinese medicine. This process includes steaming the placenta prior to dehydrating to kill the germs and bacteria. This method helps ensure the placenta is safe for consumption.

How long does the process take and when will I get my capsules?

The entire process takes place over two days with each appointment lasting 1-2.5 hours. It can be started as soon as your placenta arrives at your home.

Is there a training involved or how does one learn how to encapsulate a placenta?

Bosom Buddy’s Postpartum Placenta Specialist Ashley Glenn was professionally trained in a hands on training through ProDoula’s Placenta Prep. Safety, proper handling, and respecting the placenta are important and practiced. Ashley has also taken a Blood Born Pathogens class.

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