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My Top 10 Books for Young Children

My older children are both avid readers. I firmly believe they love to read because we started reading to them early. We make reading part of our bedtime routine, it is a wonderful way to connect with your child and slow down at the end of the day. Here are few of my favorites that I have enjoyed reading to my children over the years.

1) "Ish" by Peter H Reynolds- I love this book book because it encourages children to think outside the box and to find freedom in creating.

2)" Super Hero ABC" by Bob Mcleod- This book has comic book style illustrations. It is a fun way to work on learning the alphabet.

3) " Tracks in the Snow" by Wong Herbert Yee- This is a sweet story for a snow day. It ryhmns and has lovely illustrations. It is a short read for those who have trouble sitting still for too long.

4)" The Dancing Tiger" by Malachy Doyle- This books always makes me cry. A young girl meets a tiger in the woods at night to dance together. It also has wonderful illustrations.

5)" Mo's Stinky Sweater" by David Bedford- I have to include this one because my now 13 year old loved this book. Our copy has seen better days, many pages have tape holding them together. We made many sweet memories reading this one.

6) "On The Day You Were Born" by Debora Frasier- This book includes all the magical things that happen in our world as a baby is born Earth side. Also makes me cry.

7) " What Do You Do With An Idea?" by Kobi Yamada- This book is new to our collection, it won the gold medal for the Independent Publisher book awards. The last line is the best. " What do you do with an idea? You change the world."

8) " I Am Yoga" by Susan Verde Art by Peter Reynolds who wrote "Ish"- Great yoga book for kids. Beautiful illustrations and a break down of poses in the back.

9) " Good Night Yoga" by Mariam Gates- A pose by pose bed-time story. It also includes a wonderful guided meditation in the back.

10) " Zen Pig: All That Is Needed" by Matt Brown- I love all three Zen Pig books but this latest one is my new favorite. The message is exactly what my children and myself need to hear.

These are just a few of the books I have fallen in love with over the years, if you haven't read them check them out. I hope you will make many memories reading with your children.

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