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Herban Market: Support Local & Enjoy!

A few months ago I was waiting for a friend for lunch and stumbled across the most amazing local market. I am so thankful I was early that day! Herban Market is a locally owned market near the intersection of Franklin Road and Moores Lane on the Brentwood/Franklin line. (They are near Mac & Kate’s and Sopapillas, a few of my favorite local restaurants.)

Upon entering the market you will see a huge variety of olive oils and balsamic vinegar. I could live on olive oil so I was immediately excited and did not care if they had no other offerings in the entire store! (They do, don’t worry!) They have truffle oil, and so many herbed oils, and garlic infused, and then several varieties of olive oil ranging from mild to robust. (Can you tell I am excited about the oils?!) You can purchase them in three different sizes for what I feel is a very economical price. They are also bottled on demand which is super fun. Today I settled on the kalamata oil with the help of Matt. He owns the market along with his wife Ashlea. I came straight home and made a nice herbed focaccia to dip in it. Yum! Did I mention you get to sample as many of the oils as you want! Do you have your keys in hand ready to go right now? Wait; let me tell you about the other great finds!

Herbs! Lots and lots of dried, organic herbs. The display is adorable too. I love the fact that you can purchase as much or as little as you need! Occasionally I try a new recipe that calls for a teaspoon of an herb I do not have and rarely use. Now I can purchase a small amount of what I know is a good quality dried herb! Across from the herbs is a large selection of nuts, legumes, and other similar goodies which can be purchased in whatever amount you need! I am loving the non-bulk purchase, does it show?

Let’s chat produce. Good quality, organic produce. They even had brussel sprouts on the stalk. For some reason I love brussel sprouts. I like to roast them in some olive oil, salt, and pepper, then toss with a little balsamic. If I am feeling really crazy, I top with a modest amount of crumbled blue cheese.

Herban Market offers Kombucha, breakfast sandwiches, and coffee at their service counter. There are also products for the home, fresh meat such as bison, and supplements. I picked up some probiotics for my kiddos while there too. Last thing I will mention is that they carry the Motherlove line. Many of our clients have used this line and really like it. Motherlove has creams for cracked nipples and hemorrhoids along with pregnant belly salve and oil.

I highly suggest you take a trip to the Herban Market. Grab your family and make it an outing. The service is top notch and the products are too. Support Local and Enjoy!

The Herban Market is the first in our blog series Support Local and Enjoy! Check back each week for more Middle TN businesses. We love to support our local businesses and hope you do to! If you know of a local business that is fabulous and needs a spotlight, please share it with us! Thanks so much!


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