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Are you worried about postpartum depression? Baby blues? Lack of energy postpartum? What about recovering as quickly as possible or maybe even your milk supply? If so, have you considered placenta encapsulation?

"I’m sorry, what? Do you mean consume my own placenta?" A fairly common response when I suggest looking into placenta encapsulation.

Most people know a placenta is vital to having a baby but many people don’t realize how amazing the placenta actually is. The placenta has many jobs for keeping your baby healthy and growing but also has many uses once the baby is born. Placenta encapsulation is becoming more popular due to celebrities choosing to encapsulate and more mothers looking for more natural remedies for post baby concerns.

Below are Bosom Buddy’s most popular FAQ’s when it comes to placenta encapsulation.

What exactly is the placenta?

The placenta is an organ that develops shortly after a baby is conceived. The body produces this organ for the specific purpose of helping the life cycle continue. The placenta has many jobs including nutrition for the baby, oxygenation, cleansing of toxins, and metabolism. Without the placenta, the baby would be unable survive in the womb.

What are the benefits to consuming my placenta?

Many women that have chosen to encapsulate their placenta state it has helped with preventing or lessening baby blues/postpartum depression, increased their energy postpartum, helped with milk supply, and overall made the women feel more recovered and like oneself again. There are numerous reported benefits!

I am not sure I can do it, actually consume it. What does it look like?

You are welcome to observe any or all of the encapsulation process. The end result is a small vegan gel capsule that looks similar to any other supplement you take or can purchase. There is no taste, just pop in the capsule and swallow with some OJ! (or other beverage but ideally a juice with Vitamin C)

What if I accidently take someone else’s placenta?

There is zero chance of that with the way we process. We follow OSHA standards for transport meaning if you birth at a hospital or birthing center, you are responsible for getting the placenta to your home. This confirms your placenta remains in your possession until it is safely at your home. Bosom Buddy will provide you with a transport kit and instructions to ensure the placenta is properly taken care of during this process. The transport is often made by the partner or a trusted family member or friend. We then arrive to your home, prepare and encapsulate in your home, and the placenta never leaves your home with us.

How long does it take?

The process is completed over a two day period however we are only in your home for a total of five or less hours. We leave your home sanitized and in it’s original condition when we leave.

What exactly do you do to get it into the pills?

In short detail, the placenta is washed, steamed, dehydrated, crushed, and then put into the capsules. We follow Traditional Chinese Medicine methods to prepare the placenta for you. Bosom Buddy does not encapsulate, serve, or utilize raw placenta in our final products.

What is your training? Can just anyone do this?

Yes, in the USA anyone can encapsulate which is why it is important to ask for a professional! Ashley, of Bosom Buddy, is trained through ProDoula’s Placenta Prep training. She has also taken and passed a blood borne pathogens class.

What do I tell people? Especially my inlaws…

We keep your name, information, questions, and decision 100% confidential. If you want to tell people, we support that. If you want to keep it privileged information, we support that too! We are happy to explain the process to your questioning loved ones if need be!

I am unsure if I want to encapsulate. What do you recommend?

In this situation we recommend keeping your placenta just in case. If you decide not to encapsulate then you can dispose of your placenta. If you decide not to keep your placenta then wish you had it, it is too late. It is literally a once in a lifetime opportunity (of course with each baby you may get the opportunity again!) so if you are on the fence, plan to keep it and make up your mind once the baby is here. We have a small $50 deposit fee to hold your spot on our calendar with the balance not due until the process is complete. If you do not complete the process, you owe no balance.

If you have any additional questions, please email Ashley, Postpartum Placenta Specialist, at

A Few Fun facts:

Do you have any cosmetic products that contain “polypeptides”? Did you know that means your product has placenta in it? Polypeptide Facial Cream probably sells much better than Placenta Facial Cream! It is usually cow (bovine) or sheep (ovine) placenta not human; however due to very little regulation by the FDA in cosmetics, human placenta technically can be used.

Placenta tinctures can be kept indefinitely if stored properly and can be useful for side effects of menopause! No thanks hot flashes, mood swings, and all that fun!

In Cuba the placenta has been intensely studied to treat various hair and skin conditions such as baldness, psoriasis, vitiligo, and alopecia.


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