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Don't Forget Date Night!

As new parents or parents in general, it is easy to forget about date night. You may have a baby at home, or you may have older children that you are busy driving around to their extracurricular activities. It is easy to go months without taking time to cultivate your relationship, spend time with your significant other and really enjoy each other's company. When it starts to feel like you are just roommates with a common interest (your child or children) it is way over due for a date night!

It doesn't have to be a big production. While it is nice to get dressed, go to a nice restaurant and enjoy a wonderful meal together; sometimes that just isn't realistic. That is when you can make a regular Saturday night at home a great date night.

My husband and I enjoyed a home date night just last night. We had spent the day at a swim meet and running errands. While we were out we stopped at the Turnip Truck in the Gulch and picked up some wild salmon fillets, a pack of rainbow carrots, some Bonnie Blue Farm goat cheese, some Nashville blend lettuce from Greener Roots Farm, and some rosemary and olive oil bread from Provence Breads and Cafe. In the evening we had a plan to get the kids fed, bathed and settled early, we took turns with that, and preparing our portion of the meal. My husband smoked the salmon; I roasted the carrots and made a warm goat cheese salad. We got the two year old to bed just before 8pm and sat down to enjoy a wonderful meal in the comfort of our own dining room while we listened to one of the newest additions to our record collection from Christmas, Anderson East's record, 'Delilah.' This is a perfect date night for us. We love to get out and see live music, but staying home is often more relaxing and we are able to talk and reconnect easier.

We enjoy cooking and records, but that may not be what you and your spouse are into. Here are few other ideas for making a great date at home.

Not into cooking? Order in. Try Order Up and have it delivered.

Not into records? Here are few other suggestions:

  • Jig saw puzzles

  • Cards or board games

  • Movie or a series on Netflix or Amazon Prime (If you haven't been using your Prime membership to binge watch any TV series you missed, check it out!)

  • Take turns giving each other a massage. (Be careful this could lead to additional children.)

  • Play your kids video games

Whatever you decide to do, try and make time to be together without the baby or the kids. Make a rule to put your phones up and really give each other your attention. It makes for a happier marriage, and life.

***Check the blog on Tuesday for the Tasty Tuesday post: Honey Roasted Rainbow Carrots

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