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The Wonders of the Ring Sling

What seems like a different life time ago when my older children were babies, my dear friend Angela Williams gave me one of the greatest tips on motherhood that I ever received. Shortly after Madie was born Angela had the kids and I over for a play date, and she introduced me to the Maya Wrap. I had used a baby Bjorn with Mack, but didn't love it because it killed my back. The Maya was so quick and easy, had a pocket for my keys, and easily slipped off, so I could transition a sleeping baby from the sling to the bed. Mack was two when Madie was born, but we never stayed home that summer, because I could strap Madie to me at the zoo, the pool, or playground. Having her on me allowed me to chase after Mack and she was always happy to be along for the ride. I have since used the Maya wrap with my third child, shared it with my sister, and many of my clients. I have two, I often have one on loan and use the other when I am working postpartum shifts. I can sling the baby on while helping around the house or making mom a meal. Just today I had a client come by to borrow a sling and get a quick tutorial. Here are my tips for getting a new born well placed in the wrap.

First, put your sling on. Make sure to start with the rings a little high on your shoulder, almost to the back of your shoulder, they move down when you tighten it. Then go ahead and make the sack portion that will hold baby pretty small, the bigger you start out the more you will have to tighten moving the rings further down your chest, which is not very comfortable for you or baby. Next, place baby on their stomach high on the opposite shoulder of the ring and begin to pull the sack portion up over them while moving baby down into a comfortable position. I like to use the multi color stripped wraps, so that I can coordinate the side I want to tighten. On side of the tail will tighten the top of the wrap and the opposite side will tighten the bottom. Once your baby is in nice and secure make sure you can kiss the top of their head, so you know they are properly placed.

There are many options for baby wearing, I just have a prefrence for the Maya Wrap because it has always worked so well for me. I like the simplicity of the ring sling and how quick and easy I can get it on and baby in it. To purchase a Maya wrap locally here in Nashville visit Jack and Kyle Elias at the Scarlett Begonia on West End make sure and tell them Bosom Buddy sent you. They always some in stock. I have even had clients ask me to stop by and purchase one for them after they se me use one.You can also buy them online at

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