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Family, Blood Related...Love Related

What makes a family?

Family is such a fluid term. Most people have seen the show Modern Family, most people know a “modern family” and even more people are a “modern family”. At Bosom Buddy we support all families. Sometimes that means a mom, a dad, and a child. Sometimes that means two moms and a child or two dads and a child. Other times that means only a mom or only a dad. Or it can even by like my family in which my son has two dads and a mom.

At the end of the day nobody can define your family, only you. It can be made of friends, cousins, adoptive parents, step parents, grandparents, half siblings, whole siblings. It can even include your doula during the time she is needed. Family can be blood related or love related. We feel the need to label people in our society but allowing a family to be just that, a family, allows them to be who they want to be. There are a million ways a family can be structured. Every family is unique in their own way which is fascinating. How boring if we were all exactly the same!

On this Thanksgiving, please take a minute and give some love to your family.

From the Bosom Buddy family to you, we wish your family a very Happy Thanksgiving. We are thankful for our families and yours.

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