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The Low Down on Low Supply

We are often asked “What can I take to increase my milk production?”. There is no short answer to this question. Before we can tell you about galactagogues we need to discuss your current situation. Some questions to help us figure out if you have low milk supply are as follows (in no particular order and not a complete list but a good starting point!)

  • Why do you think you have low milk supply? Many of the answers we get on this question are actually not an indication of low milk supply but are common myths regarding low supply.

  • Are you resting enough? How much? It can be difficult to get enough rest with a newborn especially if you have other children. Consider a few shifts with a postpartum doula to help you catch up on rest!

  • Are you eating? What are you eating? Healthy meals and snacks are ideal. Check out a few of our blogs for healthy and easy meal and snack tips!

  • Are you drinking enough water? No need to drink gallons upon gallons. Drink to thrust but drink plenty.

  • Are you supplementing with formula or donor milk? Supplementing can feel necessary and turn into a viscous cycle when trying to EBF. Bosom Buddy can help figure out how to decrease supplementation and get baby on breast full time if that is your goal.

  • Are you doing skin to skin? S2S is fabulous for mother and baby, bonding, milk production, and more.

  • Do you have any medical conditions? There are a few medical conditions which can interfere with milk production.

  • Have you had a breast reduction? Unfortunately breast reduction surgery can impact milk production due to removal or damage of milk ducts during the surgery.

  • Has your baby been checked for lip or tongue tie by a professional with experience in this area? Many pediatricians do not have experience with lip and/or tongue ties.

  • How old is baby and what type of birth did you have? Both of these can be factors in the beginning.

  • Have you had seperation from the baby recently? Returning to work, hospital stays, or other seperations can be challenging for milk supply.

You see, it is not as simple as us telling you to take a magic pill or eat something special. What we find more often than not that YOU are enough! We can help you adjust your routine, get more rest, and provide you information to establish your breastfeeding goals. A few tweaks and a little confidence can go a long way.

Congratulations and Happy Nursing!

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