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Benefits of a Postpartum Doula

In our culture we put much of our attention on our pregnancy and birth prefrences. We often have little to no plans for what happens after the baby arrives. Many women have unrealistic expectations, Im sure you have all heard the story of the mom who packed her pre pregnancy jeans to wear home from the hopsital? We give ourselves expectations to not only have the perfect birth, but to look and feel amazing and totally in love with our baby right after we deliver. In reality we have sore bottoms, cracked nipples, bags under our eyes, and dirty hair. We don't feel or look good and most of all we are lonely.

This is why hiring a postpartum doula before your baby arrives can make a huge difference in not only how you recover, but also how you enter into motherhood. As a postpartum doula our main focus is not the baby, but it is the mother. We are there to educate you, guide you, and empower you to listen to your own intuition and motherly instinct. In doing this we enable you to recover, rest, and bond with your baby. Postpartum doulas make sure mom is eating often and eating healthy food to sustain her and aid her in milk production, we make sure her surounding environment is tidy so she doesn't feel the need to get up and do things lik dishes, laundry, and picking up. We teach her baby care, like cord care, swaddling and bathing. Bosom Buddy's postpartum doulas are also certified lactation counselors, this allows us to support mom's lactation needs immediately and increases her likelihood of a successful nursing relationship.

Having in home support from a postpartum doula reduces the rate of postpartum depression. When we feel safe and supported we feel more confident. Postpartum doulas listen and support mom where she is that day. Postpartum is a bit of a roller coaster, some days are easier than others and we adjust to the needs of that day.

If you are expecting a new bundle of joy look in your area for qualified postpartum doulas. If you are in Middle Tennessee give Bosom Buddy a call. For more information on our services visit our website

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