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 Nonjudgmental, professional support throughout your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period 

Nashville Placenta Encapsulation with Bosom Buddy Nashville

Bosom Buddy offers IBCLC and CLC lactation professionals, professionally trained doulas, and educators.  Over five years together as a partnership allows Ashley and Leslie to provide our clients with consistent support and the most recent and up to date information.  It also allows Bosom Buddy to support lactation needs with short notice, usually less than 24 hours.  Our team is excited to be a small part of your big journey.


Bosom Buddy is honored to work with families during this very special time. Growing your family is a joy.  Bosom Buddy will provide you with unbiased education and unconditional, nonjudgmental support to enable you to blossom in your journey through motherhood.

Bosom Buddy is proud to support all families and pregnancies.  Including but not limited to heterosexual families, LGBTQ+ families, single parent families, wed and unwed families.  Bosom Buddy has significant experience with fertility treatment assisted pregnancy.

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